Finally . . .

a cure

for the

coil problem

known as






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                                                 Got Dirty Sock?





                 we've got the cure





Eliminates odors

associated with




Innovative polymer

technology encapsulates

and kills bacteria,

mold spores and

fungus within

seconds of



Guards and


protects the hvac

coil from fouling

caused by bacteria

that collect and

grow on surfaces


Eliminates airborne


circulated into

the heating and

air conditioning




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     VindEX Ultra is the only field-applied cure for "dirty-sock" syndrome.



Developed in Research Triangle Park, NC -  it’s the result of a collaborative effort, bringing

together the best scientific minds and research. The patented formula is a derivative of a

medical grade polymer already in use as a medical device to seal and  protect  wounds in battlefield



Extensive product testing has proven VindEX Ultra consistently effective (99.99%) in killing

and encapsulating bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.


VindEX Ultra is professionally applied to equipment with the use of the included spray nozzle.

to coil surfaces to clean and sanitize; it dries rapidly, allowing the equipment to be put back in

operation within minutes of application. 


Once cured, the finished product permanently coats coil surfaces and prevents the re-growth

of contaminants, eliminating the source of the notorious “dirty-sock” odor.


For professional use only; for product information, application instructions or ordering               



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Learn more about the pH Neutral, non-corrosive coil cleaner designed to

protect your application of VindEX coil sealant and prolong it's effectiveness