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Commercial Replacement Expert

Commercial Load Estimating and Design


Friday, September 15, 2017/ 8:oo am to 5:oo pm  . . . $169 / student

Course Fee - $169





One-day course designed to teach H-3-I / H2 contractors the process of successful, profitable light commercial contracting; mastering the essential skills of project management, equipment selection, maintenance and service.


Students utilize laptop computers to run Wrightsoft Manual-N program for load estimating.




Day One

Session 1)  The Light Commercial Market

 commercial replacement market forecast 

 commercial equipment types 

 benefits of commercial market presence 

 commercial building owners and contracts 

 commercial competition

 recurring revenue and service contracts 


Session 2)  Introduction to commercial HVAC system and equipment 

 unitary products 

 central-station or applied products 

 rooftop package equipment 

 direct expansion split systems 

 chilled water and hot water systems 

 variable volume systems and by-pass VAV systems 

 ductless systems 



Session 3)  Fundamentals of Commercial HVAC Design 

 commercial construction basics 

 internal gain 

 glass loads and commercial glass peak loads 

 commercial load profiles 

 perimeter and core loads 

 occupant loads 

 process loads 






Session 4) Trane Load Calculation Digest (Manual Load Procedure) 

 Trane Load Calculation Manual for small commercial buildings 

 Trane Load forms 

 small office load 

 small doctors office load 


Session 5) Service Contract Pricing 

 Maintenance schedules 

 EPA I-Beam commercial maintenance recommendations

 Service contracting (spreadsheet provided) 


Session 6) Wrightsoft Manual - N program (run in Demo Mode) 

 Two-story office building 

 Metal building with office and production facility 

 Single-story light manufacturing facility 

 Retail building stand alone






















































Course Date Course Description Location

September 15, 2017

Commercial Replacement Expert

Wrightsoft Commercial Load Estimating and System Design

Trane Company of Raleigh

4000 Business Park Drive, Suite 105

Raleigh, NC 27610


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