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Technical Training Institute

5540 Centerview Drive

Suite 200

Raleigh, NC 27606

800-317-7095 Offices

919-834-7127 Fax




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  The Technical Training Institute just celebrated 15 years 

  offering  the most comprehensive professional development 

  and License Exam Prep courses in the industry



 Did you know over 90% of TTI students pass

their licensing exams the first time?








                                 1.  NATE CORE/Service Exam changed to Thursday, March 5th

                                 2. Tech Builder III five-week program begins Friday, March 6th

                                 3. NATE Air Distribution Exam changed to Thursday, March 12th



License Exam Prep: We take the anxiety out of the licensing an testing process. Our course covers hundreds of sample test questions in two fast-paced days for NC electrical, plumbing and heating applicants. Engaging, multi-media presentations teach real-world skills our students use the very next day in the field.  Over 90% of TTI students learn to use the code books and apply simple techniques to pass their license exams the first time. 

Design Services: TTI now offers load estimating and hvac system services. Our mechanical design staff starts with a detailed plan analysis and provides complete room by room loads based on your specifications. This program also offers technical assistance, design reviews, and field consultation services. Technical excellence, responsive scheduling, and fast, efficient results are just a few of the benefits of TTI's design services.


NATE Technician Certification:  One-day prep courses and proctored certification exams to build the knowledgeable, well-trained and highly experienced technicians sought by employers, contractors and consumers.


Research and Development:  In 2012, a collaborative effort between contractors and leading chemists resulted in a polymeric sealant that cures

"Dirty-Sock Syndrome", the coil-odor problem that has plagued the hvac industry for decades. 


VindEX Ultra is the only field-applied cure for "dirty-sock" syndrome, that locker-room smell that affects aluminum coils.  With a 100% success rate; professional application takes only minutes instead of weeks,  greatly reducing the downtime required to seal the coil and eliminate all odors.  Did we mention it's cost efficient? Less than $70 to seal and protect a residential system.

Visit  www.vindexultra.com or visit your local supply house.








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 NC Heating H-1, H-2, H-3


 NC Plumbing P-I & P-II


 Specialty Electrical SP-PH


 NC  Limited Electrical


 NC  Intermediate Electrical


 NC Unlimited Electrical


 NATE Core Certification




  our goal is to make you so smart,

you'll amaze yourself!



   Residential Replacement Expert                                    New Course!


     March 30, 2015 - Raleigh, NC


     8:oo am to 5:oo pm . . . . $149


Conduct complete residential surveys and learn the essential skills

that turn hvac replacement sales into experts


The  2015 Professional Development Program kicks off with the Residential Replacement Expert.  Our goal is to deliver the skills you need if you’re in residential hvac replacement sales, training that will make you so smart, you’ll amaze yourself - the first day back in the field.


This course is recommended as a pre-requisite to two-day Wrightsoft Load Estimating and HVAC Design program.



The one-day Residential Replacement Expert course overview:

Basic Residential Construction & Heat Transfer


Residential Electrical Systems  


Existing Duct Systems


Venting, Combustion Air and Gas Piping


Code Requirements for Equipment Installations


Residential Survey Documentation

      Hosted by your local Trane DSO


The Trane Company of  Columbia

1510 Key Road

Columbia, SC 29201




The Trane Company of Raleigh

4000 Business Park Drive, Suite 105

 Raleigh, NC 27610



Light Commercial Sales Specialist               New Course!



March 25 & 26th , 2015 - Raleigh, NC

8:oo am to 5:oo pm daily . . $295 / student



Two-day course is designed to teach North Carolina H-3 contractors the process of successful and profitable light commercial contracting; mastering the essential skills of project management, equipment selection, maintenance and service.


WrightsoftStudents utilize laptop computers to run the Wrightsoft Manual-N program for commercial load estimating.




The Light Commercial Specialist course covers:

The Commercial Equipment Market


Commercial HVAC Systems & Equipment Types


Fundamentals of Commercial Design


Trane Load Calculation Digest (Manual Load Procedure) 


Wrightsoft Manual - N program (run in Demo Mode) 


Service Contract Pricing







        Right-Suite® Residential Load Estimating and System Design



wrightsoft heating ventilation air conditioning software the only fully integrated residential and commercial software solution that is designed to save you time.  It eliminates mouse clicks and automatically updates all areas of the program instantly. With advanced easy-to-use technology, RSU is expandable to meet your exact business needs.  

Whether you're doing residential or commercial duct system design, Wrightsoft right-suite® Universal can help you to properly calculate your loads, accurately design and size your system, produce parts take-off lists and proposals according to your parts and pricing, and prepare professional documentation and reports—all in one program, at the click of a button


Part I - One day intro course will give you all the necessary tools to set up project templates, run your own loads and properly size equipment and duct systems for new construction. (Students receive CD with NC templates used during class.)

· How heat moves and what to measure

· Design conditions and fenestration

· Surfaces and duct system loads

· Airflow basics

· System design procedure

· Residential Equipment selection (ACCA Manual S)

Part II - One day intermediate course will build on skills learned in Part I, utilizing Wrightsoft right-suite® Universal; run loads on residential and light commercial structures and properly size replacement equipment and duct systems. Instruction based on ANSI/ACCA Standard 5 QI- 2010 the standard by which Energy Star Version 3 HVAC equipment installation is satisfied.

· HVAC Quality Installation Specifications

· Replacement vs. new construction

· Hands-On design - first and second floors

· Additional floors

· Variable air vs. equipment zones

· Screens affected by zoning

· Load evaluation

· Cost comparisons


Attendees should bring the following to class: 

Wrightsoft HVAC sales modules

Laptop computer running Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8


Computer mouse and power cord


Laptop must have CD drive or load demo version of Wrightsoft right-suite® Universal software prior to class.


Use the link below to download the demo version of Right-Suite® Universal 2013. Limitations of the demo mode include fixed customer name, contractor name and weather data. Features can be purchased or activated by calling Wrightsoft® at (800) 225-8697.

wrightsoft heating ventilation air conditioning software





for Plumbing & Heating Contractors


Saturday, February 28th, 2015 - Raleigh, NC

8:oo am to 5:oo pm


$249 / student includes Course Manual, License Application preparation and 2011 NEC (PDF Version)



SP-PH is the license you need to legally disconnect the branch circuit from the equipment if you’re in the HVAC or Plumbing service and replacement business. The SP-PH License allows you to pull your own electrical permits and to perform limited electrical work



 Keep your work up to code and your installations safe!




In addition to protecting people and property, you’ll protect your work from costly re-do’s and code violations that impact your reputation and your bottom line. 



Call 800-317-7095 when you're ready to get licensed.

We've helped hundreds of NC contractors pass this

40-question exam, heating and plumbing contractors

who never used the electrical code before!




NATE certified technicians



  NATE Technician Certification 

   Good for You.   Good for Business.



Simply put, NATE certification makes good business sense. Aside from certifying advanced training and proficiency to those in the HVAC/R industry, NATE certification delivers a strong sense of pride, professionalism and trust in those who wear the NATE patch.


One-day courses are designed to teach your technicians the skills required to pass the NATE CORE / Service,  Heat Pump / Service,  Gas Furnace / Service and Air Distribution / Service Certification exams.


Proctored Exams are  administered at the end of the class day;  exam results are available from NATE in approximately ten days at  www. natex.org  (Note:  tuition includes the Certification Exam Prep Course and materials, lunch and $125 NATE Exam Fee.)




North Carolina:  


March 5, 2015 NATE CORE/Service -  Prep Course & Exam Trane Company of Raleigh
March , 2014 NATE Air Distribution /Service - Prep Course & Exam Trane Company of Raleigh




     Hosted by your local Trane DSO:


The Trane Company

4000 Business Park Drive  - Suite 105

Raleigh, NC 27610